Is the North Shore Triathlon suitable for beginners?
YES! The pool swim makes for one of the easiest starts you’ll experience in your budding triathlon career. The bike leg is relatively flat with a moderate hill out of the transition zone, then onto a four lap road course with gentle gradient changes. Our run course is a little tougher though (as you’d expect for the North Shore) but we know you can do it!


Do I REALLY  need an accurate swim time estimate?
It is definitely preferred! We assign swimmers to waves based on the estimated times, this means with accurate swim times you will be with other swimmers of similar ability. If you (or the swimmers around you) swim at a different speed then there would be constant passing and bumping that would ultimately affect your enjoyment, sense of safety and overall performance during the first leg of the race. Fact is, everyone is better off being behind someone who is just a little faster.

To get a good estimate of the time you should submit to us we recommend the following: swim 100 metres at a moderate effort and then multiply your time by 5. If you need more than 5 seconds rest after swimming this distance then you probably went too fast. If so, then do it again but a little slower to fine tune what your true comfort zone and time will be on race day.


Do I change clothing and is there a change tent?
Typically athletes will complete the entire race in the same outfit for a sprint triathlon. However if you feel more comfortable you can take the time to put on bike or running shorts as needed. Please note that we do not have a change tent so please make sure, what ever your plans are, that you keep yourself presentable at all times.


Is bike storage available?
Unfortunately not. We do not have a secure transition where you can store you bike before the race. Please bring you bike on race morning to set up in transition.