Adult & Junior Course

Swim Course: (444 metres, 12 lengths of 37m pool)

We are making a change to our swim course this year to improve athlete experience and mitigate some time pressure we face with respect to road closures.

New maps and information will be posted shortly, but our swim course will be reduced to 444 metres, down from the 740 metres in previous years. The swim process will remain very much the same as past years except the pool will have 6 lanes (up from 5) and you will complete only one loop. More details will be posted soon.


Bike Course: 17.6k


Run Course: 5.0k

Run Course Description:

Out of transition, turn right and head south down Lytton to the trailhead, follow the well marked trail and volunteers until you return to Broadview. Turn right on Mt. Seymour Pkwy then take a right on Tollcross to complete the loop around Hartford Pl, Plymouth will take you back up to the Parkway where you will turn right to continue to Apex. After the turnaround take Mt. Seymour Pkwy straight back to Ron Andrews, turn left on Lytton and head around the back of Ron Andrews to reach the finish